Unique Energy and Know-how
While young, our firm is rich with talent and experience. Our professional staff has over 75 years of experience in public affairs and government relations. We adhere to a strict ethical code and have zero tolerance for any violation of the letter and spirit of the laws of the Federal government.

Anchor employs professionals who are creative and forward looking. Our staff is keenly aware of the fact that serving clients well requires intimate familiarity with the workings of the Federal government.

Our reach into the Federal system is not limited to any particular sector. One of our greatest strengths is in the diversity of our practice. We capitalize on our unique relationships across many sectors to identify and exploit new opportunities for clients. 

Every member of the anchor team works diligently with the following philosophies in mind:

  • The client comes first.
  • Regular and effective communication with clients is vital to achieving success.
  • Creative thinking is crucial to the attainment of new opportunities.

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