Anchor understands the pressure points, the effective arguments, the documentation, and the opportunities that must be exploited to deliver for clients. Funding has been secured for clients through the Environmental Protection Agency, Small Business Administration, Army Corps of Engineers, Departments of State, Justice, Defense, Education, Health and Human Services and NASA, just to name a few.  Anchor personnel have been successful in convincing:

  • The Department of Food and Drug Administration to provide improved classification for reimbursement by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).
  • The State Department to utilize the expertise of an Anchor client in developing educational materials to combat AIDS.
  • The Department of Defense to fund communication initiatives.
  • The Army Corps of Engineers to fund contamination clean up efforts.
  • The Department of Education to fund technology upgrades for academic institutions.
  • The Small Business Administration to fund cultural access programs associated with symphony orchestras.

Discovering New Paths to Success
Anchor Consulting has an established track record of success helping clients to better refine their needs and to expand the universe of funding opportunities that are available to them. We pride ourselves in not only helping clients achieve their initial goals but also in identifying opportunities that clients may not have considered previously.

Actual Anchor Client Success Stories


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