Creating Partnerships for Your Success
Anchor Consulting, LLC is a public affairs and government relations firm that provides organizations with strategic assistance to create partnerships with the Federal government. These partnerships result in the Federal government investing in projects that enable Anchor clients to advance their goals and objectives.

Our firm is the source of information, intelligence and analysis of new ideas, government actions and opportunities that are critical to the success of your organization.

Anchor consulting offers:

  • planning and strategy development
  • lobbying
  • advertising and opinion polling
  • public relations

Our Philosophy
Anchor Consulting was founded to provide non-profit organizations, corporate clients, and public agencies a true voice in the Federal government.  Determined to provide services to those that need it most, Anchor Consulting is dedicated to the proposition that “All are served. All will pay. All pay what they can afford.”

Anchor is not satisfied with the typical “track and monitor” approach to legislative affairs. Instead, we develop a set of strategies to “impact and drive” the legislative process.  We do not fail our clients.  When developing our strategic plans, we incorporate measures which anticipate a broad array of contingencies.  We never rely on just one legislative measure for success or just one champion to deliver.  Anchor develops multiple strategies and communication channels to substantially increase your prospects for success.

Above all, Anchor listens to clients, asks questions of clients, learns from clients, and works with clients to develop a set of goals and strategies that will ensure victory.


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